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The Unsung Heroes of Multilingual Sports Broadcasting: Translating Sports Events

The Unsung Heroes of Multilingual Sports Broadcasting: Translating Sports Events

The Unsung Heroes of Multilingual Sports Broadcasting


Translation of sports events

Sporting events are global in nature, with players traveling across countries to compete. This requires a team of professionals who can communicate with each other no matter the language barrier. These are the unsung heroes of international sports.


In a world where football attracts millions of fans, the need for quality translation has never been greater. With social media, player forums and live 4K streaming becoming increasingly important, it’s vital that sports organizations and media networks offer their content in a variety of languages to engage global audiences.

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In addition, the need for translation is growing in other areas, including marketing and advertising materials, athlete interviews, and contract negotiations. This requires a team of linguists with specialized knowledge of sports terminology and cultural context. They can ensure that the message is conveyed accurately and effectively, enabling sports organizations to grow their global revenue.

Translation of sports rules

In the world of sports, English is the lingua franca. This is not only true for fans, but also for athletes and referees. This is because they have to understand the rules of each sport and how they should be applied. In fact, many European universities that teach sports, like rugby for example, provide English courses every week.

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Sports translation requires a different approach than general translation, as it involves using specialized vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. This is why many translators consider it a niche skill. Additionally, there are certain writing criteria for sports-related content, such as the use of hyphens and always listing the winning team first. These practices are essential for preserving the interesting journalistic style of the original text. Nabeel Rashid is a translation reviser at HBKU’s TII and leads workshops on sports translation. He has also been part of the translation legacy teams for events such as the Doha Asian Games.

Translation of sports competitions

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Sports competitions have become a global phenomenon and attract audiences from all over the world. In order to engage these audiences and grow their businesses, sports teams must produce quality multilingual content. This can be difficult for sports organizations that lack the proper resources and expertise.

Translating sporting content is a specialist skill, as every sport has its own jargon and terms that need to be accurately translated. For example, in rugby, ‘autore del gol’ (author of the goal) can only be translated to English by someone who understands the technical terms and context of the game.


Translation for the sports industry is critical to growing international audiences, engaging fans and expanding online retail stores. Stepes offers streamlined professional sports translations to help sports teams and content producers connect with a global audience across linguistic barriers. With our expert team of multilingual subject matter experts and translators, you can be confident your sports content will be linguistically fluent and culturally accurate.

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